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Why Adaptive Seating?


The Kare Lumbar Supports reduce the pressure that sitting puts on your body. Our exclusive design increases your comfort by supporting more of your total body weight. These devices conform to your body and provide the exact support you need. With continued use, the Kare Lumbar Supports actually help to improve your posture, reducing your chance of injury. It's one of the surest ways to reduce back pain and fatigue. The Kare Lumbar Supports exceed ANSI standards.


Have you ever wondered why you get so many aches and pains from just sitting? It's not as if you are doing strenuous activity. But that's just it -- you are doing a strenuous activity. You're using all your muscles just to keep you in that sitting position. The reason you start to fatigue is because you aren't moving around enough. When you sit, your muscles produce lactic acid. If the muscles can't dispel the lactic acid, they get tired and can't function. Their response is to protect themselves by causing you to slump; and when you slump, you decrease your oxygen intake and your circulation. The Kare Adaptive Seating cushions help you sit in a comfortable, natural posture that reduces muscle stress. The result is that you feel better.

  Why Adaptive Seating?

    • Relieve back pain
    • Increase comfort
    • Reduce the physical stress created by improper sitting posture
    • Improve circulation
    • Reduce back, neck and leg pain caused by sitting
    • Enhance healthy posture
    • Ideal for car, home and office

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