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Sit Stand Workstations


People who work standing often report feeling less fatigued and love the freedom of movement at their desks. It is an excellent way to balance the work demands and needs of your body movement. But don't overdo it ... standing continuously (particularly on a hard surface) may cause back and leg strain. Break up the day by switching on and off from a sit to a stand position to promote good circulation and relieve common discomforts. Because our days are busy, most folks need a very easy solution for changing desk height.


Sit stand workstations (which allow you to adjust your work surface either electronically or manually) are an ideal option because they adjust easily, promote healthy work habits and allow you to work efficiently whether you're sitting or standing. If you do stand a lot, give yourself the proper support and consider standing on an anti-fatigue mat to keep your circulation flowing. Use a footrest to rotate leg height and alleviate back pressure.


  • Keep body in neutral position
  • Stand straight
  • Head directly over shoulder
  • Shoulders squarely over hips
  • Hips over knees
  • Knees over feet
  • Anti-fatigue mat provides cushioning [mats]
  • Footrest to rotate leg height and alleviate back pressure

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