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Questions On Which Retractable Keyboard Tray To Purchase


Complete the information below and fax (303-443-2522) or mail to Kare Products. The information will assist in the installation of the retractable arm.

  1. Measure From The Front To The Back Of The Desk (Or Work Area) To Determine The Appropriate Track Length.

Enter measurement:

  2. Are There Any Obstructions Under The Desk Or Work Area That Would Hinder The Attachment Of The Arm (Brackets, Supports, Legs, Etc.)?

0 Yes 0 No If yes, indicate the obstruction

  3. Will The Arm Be Mounted In A Corner?

0 Yes 0 No If yes, will a desk extender be necessary? 0 Yes 0 No

  4. Is There A Lip Of Any Type (Decorative Trim, Etc.) On The Front Of The Desk?

0 Yes 0 No

  5. What Is The Approximate Thickness Of The Desktop? (Closest To You)

Enter measurement:

  6. What Is The Total Width Of The Opening? This Is Needed To Determine The Platform Size.

Enter measurement:

  7. What Type Of Desk Do You Have?

0 Metal 0 Wood 0 Plastic Note: Metal will require self-tapping screws.

  8. Are There Any Drawers Or Other Items To Be Moved At Installation?

0 Yes 0 No


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