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Pregnancy Cradle Pillow How To Use


As all mothers know, you have to sleep on your side during pregnancy. This position can cause discomfort and sleeping problems.

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The Pregnancy Cradle Pillow ® is used to support the weight of your growing baby and lets mom rest in comfort.


While laying on your side, wedge the pillow under your growing baby with the thin section underneath and the thick section to the outside. Continue to wedge the pillow in or out until you feel comfortable. Most doctors recommend you lay on your left side due to the nature of the blood flow to the uterus and your growing baby.


The special shape of the Pregnancy Cradle Pillow® permits you to use it through your entire pregnancy.Cover may be removed and machine washed.


Other Kare Pillows® recommended for support during your pregnancy are:Kare Lumbar Half Roll® for home, office and car back support. Supports back and reduces stress placed on back, shoulders and neck.Kare Knee Roll® Place under the knees to ease back fatigue and increase circulation. Excellent development tool for your newborn baby.Cradle Pillow® The only pillow designed to support your head, neck and shoulders, providing a sound and refreshing night's sleep.

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