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Lighting Asymmetrical


Asymmetrical and symmetrical lighting are two different principles of lighting the work area.Asymmetrical light distribution is a feature of technically advanced task lights where the advanced, computer optimized reflector system directs the light sideways from the shade across the work area. Symmetrical light distribution, however, spreads the light equally in all directions.Asymmetrical light fittings offer the following advantages at the work area: No eye contact with the light source - no direct glare No indirect glare to others in the vicinity Strong, even light distribution over a large work area The shade does not intrude in the work area Good level of contrast between the workstation and the surrounding area To help you understand the above principles, we would like to explain some basic terms:


Asymmetrical light distribution


GLARE, direct or indirect, occurs when the eye encounters more light than it can cope with. Consequently, the light fitting must be easily adjustable to avoid such discomfort. Moreover the reflector should be designed that excessive differences in luminance do not occur. Luminance is light reflected from an illuminated surface, the light which is subjectively perceived by the eyes. The relative light level should be in the ratio 5:3:1 for work area/peripheral work area/immediate surroundings respectively. It is important that differences in luminance should not be excessive and that the light should decline gradually outwards from the work area. Reflections occur when light is incorrectly directed.


Symmetrical light distribution


SHADOW in the work area may make it difficult to see properly. The light should be directed from the correct side, opposite to the writing hand. It should be remembered that shadows also have a useful function, since a certain amount of shadow is needed to support our sense of space and depth in the surrounding area.


Direct glare

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