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Knees Legs


The way you position your legs and knees can increase back and shoulder discomfort. Take a few moments to get your knees and legs into the correct seating position


  Decrease Stress To The Lower Back, Shoulders And Hips

Keep your Knees in the correct position. The effect of having your knees too low causes you to lean forward pulling on your back and shoulder muscles. If your knees are too high, your lower back is rounded, increasing stress to your hips, back and shoulders. In either case, adjust your chair or desk height or use a footrest if your knees are much lower than your hips.

  Keep The Blood Flowing

Select a "waterfall front" on your chair. To ensure good circulation to the legs, ANSI standards require a waterfall front on chair seats. The main blood supply runs down the back of your legs and should not be restricted by the front edge of the seat. Proper circulation reduces the onset of fatigue, circulatory problems and varicose veins in the legs and feet.

  Increase Circulation And Reduce Fatigue

Use a footrest to keep your legs in a healthy position. A footrest is a great way to increase circulation and reduce fatigue from sitting and stress on your back.

  Stretch, Relax And Breathe

Stand up and position your foot, hip-width apart. Keep back straight.



  • Now, bend knees and hold position for count of three, then rise to standing height. Repeat 3-5 times.


      Extend And Relieve

    In a seated position with one foot flat on floor, extend other leg straight in front with toes pointed. Flex foot and hold 10 seconds. Relax leg. Repeat with other leg.



    Did You Know...

    ... having the proper seat support is vital to the comfort of your knees and legs. Do you have proper seat support? Take the test: place two to four fingers between the back of the knee and the seat. If you don't have the recommended space, then we suggest you get a chair with adjustable seat depth to ensure you have proper leg support

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