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If your shoulders or back hurts, you can have someone rub them to alleviate the pain, right? Same goes for other parts of the body when your muscles are sore ... massage takes some of the pain away. But what happens when your knees are sore? Rubbing them doesn't really help. Barring medication, knee soreness and pressure is a tough pain to treat. As always, prevention is the best medicine.


For jobs that require kneeling, such as roofing, electrical work, concrete finishing and flooring, knee braces and pads are a must. When you kneel, your body weight rests solely on the knees. Understandably, this causes kneecap soreness and pressure. A kneepad alleviates pain and provides protection with a cushioning effect that evenly distributes your body weight and shifts it away from the knees. Some people find even greater relief by using gel kneepads. From roofing to carpet laying to pulling wires for computers, the most important point is to find the right support for your daily task.


Sore fingers. Aching knuckles. Calloused hands. Without protection, your hands can take a beating when paired up with heavy labor. Shoveling, roofing, lifting, using power tools, whatever the labor-intensive activity, the best way to shield your hands is to wear a durable, quality glove. A glove with a gel cushion can lessen the impact by protecting your fingers and palms from shock and vibration. Look for a comfortable, breathable fit that is durable and protects against cuts and abrasions. Fingerless or full glove fit designed for different uses.

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