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The Kare staff is comprised of dedicated, team-oriented employees who have a solid understanding of the products and services we offer. Employee education and training is a priority. Our "hand’s on" product knowledge training sessions are the "heart" of our educational programs. We take pride in our cross-training efforts and work hard to nurture and build a team philosophy.

Karen Burke

President and Founder of Kare Products, Inc.

"As long as I can remember I had "visions" of success because I turned everything I did into a business! Then one day I realized, ‘I’m an entrepreneur!’ I’ve been in business since I was a child. I remember being at the crossroads of my babysitting career contemplating how to ask my customers for a raise. I asked my Dad for advice and then wrote up a little notice informing my customers I was raising my fees from 50 cents an hour to 75 cents an hour. Little did I know I was on my way to establishing a business plan!"

"I’ve had several ventures, including a house cleaning business and I made hand-crafted wind chimes for high-end boutiques when I lived in Maui. What I enjoy the most is taking a seed, idea or thought and growing it to the highest level it can be. To me, you learn the most by challenging yourself with your greatest fears."

  • Designed ergonomic programs for Fortune 500 companies
  • Member, Rocky Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council
  • Committee Member, Loss Control Safety for Boulder Chamber of Commerce
  • Presenter for Counseling/Coaching ergonomic programs for Fortune 500 companies
Craig Stewart, ASP

Vice President of Technical Services

Craig is dedicated to customer service and goes the distance to build value into customer relationships. Craig’s philosophy is "it all begins and ends with our customers." He is committed to helping customers who inspire him to develop new products with the most demanding requirements.

  • Certifications:
    • National Safety Congress Certification
    • OSHA Training
    • Specialized Ergonomic Training
  • Conducted ergonomic site evaluations for office and industrial settings
  • Developed products and processes for 3M and Seimans
  • Specialized in helping customers identify ergonomic solutions that protected workers within a company’s budget
  • Negotiated contracts, coordinated scheduling and provided communication services locally and nationally
  • Composer and guitarist, graduate of Berklee College of Music
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