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What's in a name? For Kare Products ... plenty!

Establishing the "Kare Products" name was a thoughtful process for President and Founder Karen Burke. She wanted to choose a name that accurately reflected the type of product Kare offers and encompass the company's philosophy on how they operate in the world. As it turned out, the word "care" clearly signifies just about everything... and with a special and most obvious twist, it just happened to be a part of Karen's name -- Kare!

As a person who truly cares about others, using the "Kare" from "Karen" emerged with inspiration easily. "What this business does -- beyond offering products to customers -- is allow us to reach out to people and transform their lives by simply making a suggestion, providing education or offering a product that will help ease pain and bring comfort," Karen says. "It would be a good challenge to find another business that brings such a level of support and health to so many lives."

One employee says the "Kare" name personifies the company's vision and dedication to helping people lead healthy and happy lives. "On a day-to-day basis, we try to demonstrate caring actions with one another. Personally, what this means to me is to work in an environment that sets the tone for carrying out Kare's vision, dedication and caring attitude. The positive flow of energy that permeates throughout our office makes for an ideal work situation where everyone can be successful."

Karen adds, "There is a very exciting cycle that evolves when you operate at a caring level. You focus on cooperation, respect and honesty toward others and it is amazing they respond back in the same manner as well as reflect that toward others. This ability to affect our lives and influence others is what I personally consider the worthwhile aspects of daily living."

Without question, Karen's "caring" philosophy is something she lives, breathes and passes on to others.

So what's in the name "Kare Products?" Now you know, a heartfelt belief that a caring attitude toward others enriches lives, results in personal success and turns an ordinary day into an extraordinary life.

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