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Introduction To Ergonomics 101 > Repetitive Motion
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Repetitive Motion


You move your hand and wrist in the same movement all day, hour after hour. It's easy to imagine since it's a motion many of us who use a keyboard and a mouse experience every day. Initial discomfort seems like we're imaging it...almost. Then one day you notice an uncomfortable tingling and numbing sensation that won't go away. The repetitive motion has finally caught up with you and is now causing ongoing discomfort.


Performing the same continuous motions over a long period of time can cause long-lasting injuries ... and it's not just to your hands and wrists. Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD) -- caused by repetitive motions -- can impact every part of the body depending on the action you're performing. Whether you're typing, cooking, shoveling or lifting, take simple steps to avoid CTD by following safe, natural and healthy guidelines


  • Face the object you are lifting with feet shoulder-width apart
  • Never over-extend your back, maintain a natural curve
  • Turn your whole body, not just your feet
  • Don't make sudden or jerky motions
  • Team up on heavy or odd-size objects
  • Avoid awkward positions when doing repetitive motion



  • Neutral position (first illustration)
  • Wrists, hands and elbows parallel to the floor
  • Mouse at the same level and next to keyboard
  • Use a light grip when mousing or using tools


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