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How Should I Sleep When Pregnant?


Is it true that you shouldn't sleep on your back while you're pregnant? I slept on my back when I was pregnant and the baby turned out to be breech and I had to have a caesarian section. Could this be why?Thank You Blame


You shouldn't blame yourself. When labor and delivery don't go as planned or desired, it's really tempting to try to find the cause. Too often we try to blame ourselves. Go easy; give yourself a break. Being pregnant is hard work - it's not always possible to be the "perfect" pregnant woman.That said, let me reassure you: there's NO relationship between sleeping on your back and a breech (feet first) presentation.Doctors do suggest against sleeping on your back while pregnant because there's a big vein, called the inferior vena cava that runs under the uterus. This vein returns the blood from the lower part of the body to the heart, and it really shouldn't be squashed. (Then there are all those intestines in there. They shouldn't be squashed, either.) Pregnant women who sleep on their backs run an increased risk of developing backaches, low blood pressure, hemorrhoids, and other unpleasant symptoms.For many pregnant women, however, side sleeping is uncomfortable and, after the first couple of months, belly sleeping becomes out of the question. The answer? Pillows. Lots of them. You don't have to spend a fortune on fancy pillows - any old pillows will do.


Lie on your side (ideally, your left side) with your top leg crossed over the bottom one, tuck a pillow under your head, tuck another pillow under your belly, yet another one between your knees, and, if you want to, hug one. You might even want to stuff a fifth one behind your back. These pillows will help you support your body, even when you're huge as a house. Yes, you'll probably roll around in the night and end up on your back again. As soon as you wake up (or your loving partner wakes you up), turn over and reassemble the arrangement. You'll soon get used to the new position. And it will give you something else to look forward to once you've delivered - roll on your back and "ah. bliss!"Congratulations on your baby!

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