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How To Choose An Articulating Arm

  What Should I Check Out On Different Arms?

How they attach to desks? How easy is the track to use and install? Is the track over 18" and will longer track cause problems with not enough room under desk? If the arm does not have a track, meaning the arm is stationary (does not move in and out) it should swivel out of the way. Are the screws for mounting going to put to much stress on wood?...What kind of knee clearance is there?

  Does The Arm's Track Have A Smooth Action... Is It Easy For User To Move In And Out?

How easy is it to adjust height. If it is not very easy users have a tendency to adjust height for the easy position to put in and out and not for proper ergonomic height. There are Arms that permit user to adjust height above and below desk top. These type of arms are necessary when you need a little below desktop or above desktop.Can all adjustments be made from a seated position? Does user have to turn any knobs. ( Some clients are tight on budget and need to use an arm that has a knob and that is ok if arm met these other criteria.Knee and leg clearance. Is the user forced to sit in a improper position to use arm? Is there enough knee clearance, should be about 1 to 1/2 inches.Pull out trays that do not adjust in height are a waste of money unless the station is not used very often. The pull out trays that I have seen are made cheap and fall apart in a year. These trays can cause a safety situation when people bang into them or can even cut themselves on edges.

  Will User Hit Knees On Anything?

Is the construction and materials used of high quality and is there a lifetime warranty? If there is a lifetime warranty is the mechanism of a high enough quality to stand up to use or is the warranty just a sales rap?Keyboard and mousing platform.Are the set up for mousing? Can mouse be used on either right or left. Are there a variety of platform available.Wrist Supports and mousing supports...are they available and what are they constructed out of ... Is the design such as to reduce pressure, insure proper neutral hand position...deep enough to spread the pressure over a large area where hand is resting?

  Is There Any Thing That Might Run Nylons Or Damage Clothing?

If someone puts pressure, like leaning or sitting, on arm what is going to happen.Pneumatic cylinders...have a tendency to fatigue because the gaskets weaken... a proper pneumatic cylinder costs much more...does weaker person have to use force to adjust....does arm have a tendency to release quickly?I have not seen pneumatic arms used... I have seen hundreds of installations and have not come across. I think that this is older technology and has been replaced with spring action type arms.If they use these pneumatic arms and years down the road computers keyboards or mouse change how easy is it to use another platform on these arm.Can you change platforms easily to met those special needs for a select few problem cases?...with out having custom designed platform.Does the arm provide at least 7" of height adjustments....provide neutral, positive and negative angels....can arm be adjusted in depth ( in other word does it lock in an out position or can a user slide it a little closer to desk in order to get closer to monitor...does it swivel 360 ( this lets user swivel the arm out of the way instead having to push it back under desk all the time, this also permits the uses to use the platform for other uses such as putting keyboard up on desk and putting paper work on keyboard platform this is handy when they need to spread out paper for certain projects.

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