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Height Adjustable Notebook Riser

45.00 36.00
Easy on the Neck Portable Notebook Riser
Got a kink in your neck? Slouched over your notebook in vulture position? Lift up your head, straighten your neck and raise your eyes level to your notebook with this genius tool! For best ergonomics, this essential tablet notebook stand raises your laptop while using a separate keyboard and mouse. The non-skid base ensures safe storage for your notebook and provides up to 3" of height adjustment. Recommended for home, travel or daily office use, your neck will thank you. Elegant design, travels easily, breaks down and fits into your computer bag. Featuring a 3 inch height adjustment with cable management and is compatible with most docking stations. Taller people may prefer to add monitor stackers to increase the notebook height (see monitor stackers Model #410B).
Product Features
    • Raise your notebook screen while using a keyboard and mouse for ergonomically correct posture
    • Elegant design breaks down easily for transport
    • Three inches of height adjustability
    • Cable management feature keeps cords organized and available
    • Secure non-skid base
    • Compatible with most docking stations
    • Weight capacity 12 pounds
    • Dimensions 10" d, 9.5" H, 8.5" W * Weight 1.4 pounds
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Model: 473
Price: 45.00 36.00
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