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Head Posture And Monitor Placement


When viewing your monitor it is best to sit with your head over your shoulders and your shoulders over your hips Remember, to place your documents close and preferably to the side or directly in front of the monitor.

  Recommended Viewing Area



Position you monitor directly in front of you. Keyboard and mouse should also be in front of you. ( If you are a heavy or very experience data entry person you may want to place your source document in front of you and the monitor slightly off to one side.)The height of the monitor should fall within 5° to 40° range. For maximum comfort raise or lower monitor height for proper and comfortable neck position.

  • Document holder should be placed for easiest viewing. Pick a document holder that will best fit the size and weight of your documents.

  •   Products To Help You Get More Comfortable

    LCD Monitor Arm, Adjust Height, Desk Mount


    Monitor Stacker, 1 Inch Black

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