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Foot Ring Assembly and Adjustment



  Prep: Clean Cylinder, Loosen Foot Ring Gasket

Before Assembly: Clean the cylinder thoroughly to remove any grease or oil to provide a good grip. In the loosened position, check to see that Foot Ring is at the top of the central hub by holding onto the black inner gasket and turning the foot ring counter clockwise. (Tip: The inner gasket needs to be loose so you can fit the foot ring over the chair cylinder.)

  Assembly: Put Foot Ring On Chair Cylinder

Slide the chair height cylinder into the center opening of the foot ring. Insert the thicker part of the cylinder into the five star base. Insert the thinner part of the cylinder into the chair mechanism attached to the bottom of the chair seat. To engage the pressure seal, sit on the chair and adjust the seat height up and down.

  Adjust: Height Of Foot Ring

Hold the plastic inner hub (gasket) of the Foot Ring while you tighten or loosen it. (Tip: If needed, grip the bottom of gasket below foot ring with a cloth and channel locks so you can get a better grip.) Once the Foot Ring is loosened you can move it to the desired height to support the user's legs. Set the height so the user's legs are parallel to the floor or as close as possible. Now you can tighten the Foot Ring. Hold the base with one hand and turn the Foot Ring clockwise to tighten. You may need to hold the bottom of the hub (the black inner gasket) as you turn the Foot Ring in order to get a very tight fit. It is best not to over tighten the Foot Ring

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