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Foot Rest Self-Massager

200.00 128.00
Foot rest for self-indulgent relaxation while you work: why not!
The Foot rest Self Massager so you never miss a chance to indulge yourself. Press your feet into the built-in massager and feel the tightness release in your whole body. Our Footrest Self-Massager is a relaxer and energizer. It relaxes through massage. It energizes by smoothly and gently rocking your feet, staving off fatigue and aches by increasing circulation while you sit. The footrest is reversible -- one side for shoes, one side featuring our built in foot massager. Both sides relieve pressure on your lower back and legs, while activating muscles. Beautifully built and featuring non-skid surfaces and height adjustment, it's the ultimate Cadillac version of all foot rests.
Product Features
    • Durable, elegant hardwood construction
    • Non-skid surfaces
    • Built-in foot massager for increased blood flow and energy
    • Nylon wheels and ball bearings for smooth and gentle rocking
    • Increases circulation, which increases sustainable energy
    • Helps reduce chance of varicose veins
    • Height adjustable
    • 18 1/2 w x 26 d x 3.75 to 6.75 h
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Model: 212
Price: 200.00 128.00
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