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Ergonomic Roller MouseFree 2- HOW TO USE

  Box Content

  • A. RollerMouse Free2
  • B. Integrated wrist rest
  • C. 2 short keyboard risers
  • D. 2 long keyboard risers
  • E. User manual


Use the rollerbar to move the cursor on your screen.You can also click with it. Use the large left button to leftclick and the large right button to right click. (See thelabel around the buttons of your RollerMouse Free2).


  • A. Rollerbar (cursor movement and click)
  • B. Copy
  • C. Left click
  • D. Cursor speed and precision selection
  • E. Scroll wheel and scroll click
  • F. "One touch" double click
  • G. Right click
  • H. Paste


Plug your RollerMouse Free2 into your computer's USBport. Allow your computer a moment to automatically installit. Your computer may indicate that it has found a new deviceand is installing it. This process usually takes 10 to 30seconds


Place the keyboard on top of your RollerMouse Free2. The keyboard's front edge should be parallel to the rollerbar. Align the scroll wheel with the center of the alphabetical section of your keyboard. (On most keyboards, this will be between the 'G' and the 'H').


Take a moment to evaluate the height and angle of your keyboard and find the arrangement that's most comfortable for you. The flatter your wrists, the better for your body. If you find the keyboard is too low, simply add height to your keyboard by inserting the keyboard risers.


We recommend that you use the integrated wrist rest, as it is ergonomically designed to help keep your hands, wrists and forearms flat. Simply snap it onto the front edge of your RollerMouse Free2.

  Adjust Your Keyboard

To achieve the optimal and most ergonomic working position with your hands and wrists as flat as possible, you may need to adjust the height of your keyboard. We've developed keyboard risers that can help you achieve the right height and angle, regardless of your keyboard type.



Use riser position (A) if you have a keyboard with numeric keypad. If you have a compact keyboard (without a numeric keypad), use the alternative riser position (B) located towards the center of your RollerMouse Free2 for a better fit.


To raise the front edge of your keyboard 5 mm, mount the short risers directly onto the back of your RollerMouse Free2.


If you want to raise the front edge of your keyboard even higher, simply mount the long risers on top of the short risers. If you'd rather a flat, yet raised keyboard simply flip open the small leg on the back of each long riser of your RollerMouse Free2 for a better fit. You might want to try out a number of combinations to find the most comfortable position for you.

  Adjust The Click Response Of The Rollerbar

You can adjust the amount of pressure required to perform a mouse click. Use the click-force tension slider located under your RollerMouse Free2. Simply slide it until you find the tension that works best for you. Some find it easier to start with high rollerbar tension to avoid accidental clicking while typing. Once familiar with your RollerMouse Free2, you may find it faster with a softer click (ie. lower roller click force tension).

  Quick And Easy Cursor Speed Selection

Use the triangular cursor speed button, located between your copy and paste buttons, to select your cursor speed and precision. There are five speed selections to choose from ranging 800 dpi to 1600 dpi. The string of five lights over the button indicates the current cursor speed. You may want to start with a lower cursor speed until you get used to your RollerMouse Free2.

  End Detection Helps Cursor Reach Everywhere

the left or right, but you'd like to continue moving your cursor, don't worry. Simply force the rollerbar slightly further in your intended direction until you hear a gentle click. This activates the end detection and the cursor moves to the end of the screen. Release the rollerbar when the cursor is where you want it. If you find your cursor is too often out of the rollerbar's range, it may be that your selected cursor speed is too low for the way you work. Simply make the necessary adjustments referred to on the previous page.

  Customize Your Button Settings

In most cases, there is no need to install a driver to use the seven pre-programmed buttons. But with a driver it is possible for you to customize these button functions. To find out more and download your driver, go to www.rollermouse.com/driver

  Ergonomic Tips - What's Best For Your Body?

Place your RollerMouse Free2 and keyboard a bit away from you so your forearms can rest evenly on the table. Keep your keyboard low and avoid having your wrists bent upwards. Try not to rest your weight only on your wrists. Use your wrist rest to help keep your wrists, hands and forearms flat and aligned.


Regular keyboard no feet


Mac Low Profile Keyboard with long feet that are raised in front and lower in back.


Discover new ways to work. Use both hands and all fingers to distribute movement and create more variation. Try pointing with one hand and clicking with the other.

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