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Ergonomic Power Adjustable Workstations Fact Sheet


The Kare Power Adjustable Workstation offers computer users full adjustability of two work surfaces for optimum worker comfort and productivity. The basic unit utilizes a single pedestal, electrically actuated power base which provides the rear monitor surface with 14" of height adjustment, from 26" to 40". The front keyboard support uniquely adjusts an additional 4'' above to 6" below the rear surface for a 22 to 47 inches total adjustment range. In addition, the height adjustable keyboard mechanism offers both positive and negative tilt (from +9° to -20°) to meet your individual preferences of wrist posture. The Available in both rectangular and corner configurations and can be integrated into existing panel and free-standing systems.


Electrical System: Standard 115 V, 60 Hz, AC motor. Draws approximately 1.6 amps under load.Components are U.L. approved. Drive System: Motor/actuator drive with 250 Ib or 150 lb. Lifting capacity. Motor is thermally protected for overload and has integral switch to cut power at maximum and minimum height levels. Keyboard Support Option: Keyboard support adjusts from 22 to 47 inches and tilts 9 degrees forward to 20 degrees reverse to accommodate user preferences and while working seated or standing. Optional forward slide available.

  Base Assembly:

Metal base has built-in footrest and welded legs with space-saving 25.25 d x 26.5 w footprint on corner units. Bases for rectangular units are 25.25 d x 32 w for added stability. Meets or exceeds ANSI/HFS standards for foot and leg clearance. Work Surface: Surfaces consist of 1 1/4 inch decorative laminate top constructed of 1 1/8 inch substrate core, which meets the ANSI standards for l-M-2 grade board. Available in either rectangular or corner configurations and a variety of laminates to match any decor.

  Two Edging Options

High-pressure laminate work surfaces with standard edge is of T-molded edge. Heavy-Duty Construction. Using field-proven technology, the Kare Desks are built for years of dependable operation. Patented power base design and welded steel construction with five-year limited warranty.

  Roomy Work Surfaces.

Plenty of room for keyboard, mouse pad, and digitizer tablet. Rear surface on many models accommodates two monitors.Sliding Monitor Surface.On some models a sliding rear surface is also available. Smooth and quiet operation, even when heavily loaded.Plenty of Leg Room.All models are designed for maximum operator comfort and meets or exceeds ANSI/BIFFMA standards. Support base included integral footrest with friction pad. All Models are wheelchair accessible.

  Adjusts For Added Comfort

Great for positioning monitors and input devices at the proper angle. One-Touch Controls. Convenient fingertip action controls height and tilt for all power models.

  Height-Adjustable... Sitting To Standing.

Wide range of height adjustment (up to 14 inches) allows positioning for either sitting or standing, and anything in-between. 18 second travel time.

  Warranty 10 Years

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