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Ergonomic Computer Desk, Assembly Instructions

  Attaching Leg To Desk

  • 1. Turn the Work Surface upside down onto a clean flat surface.
  • 2. Position the leg bracket over the threaded holes in the Work Surface. The side of the bracket with thethree holes on it must face towards the outside of the desk.
  • 3. Secure the leg to the Work Surface using eight (8) 1/4 --20x3/8" (PN 126665) screws provided.
  • 4. Adjust the Leg Extension Assemblies if desired. See instructions on page 2.
  • 5. Turn the Work Surface back over. Grip the edge of the desk when tilting it over, not the legs.


  Adjusting The Height Of Leg

The Columns have 1/2" center-to-center height adjustment hole spacing for the Set Screws. They also have 1-inch height indicator dots, with upper and lower extension limit indication lines.



  • 1. Turn the Desk upside down on to a clean surface. Grip the edge of thedesk when tilting it over, not the legs.
  • 2. Loosen the Set Screws using the provided 1/8" Allen Wrench (4 - 5revolutions).
  • 3. Adjust the Column up or down until the desired height is reached. Allcolumns need to be moved the same number of increments.
  • 4. Tighten the Set Screws firmly.
  • 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all columns have been adjusted.
  • 6. Turn the Work Surface right side up. Grip the edge of the desk whentilting it over, not the legs.
  • 7. To achieve a standard 29" high work surface: Expose 4 adjustment holeson glide legs and, expose no holes on the legs with casters (the lower edgeof the collar will just cover the lowest hole).


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