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Ergonomic Benefits


In the ergonomics world, one size does not fit all. What works for a tall person may not work for someone short, what works for an athlete may not apply to a couch potato. Whatever the body size, shape and personal limitations, the goal of ergonomics is to evaluate the total human being, both mental and physical, then apply sound principles to each individual's needs. Whether you're in the kitchen, working heavy machinery or sitting at a desk, the practice of good ergonomics will provide health benefits now and in the long run helping you feel more invigorated, comfortable and productive.

  Reduce Injuries, Injury Expenses And Personal Medical Bills

Ergonomic injuries are one of the easiest types of injuries to mitigate or prevent once you recognize and address symptoms early. While they are the most prevalent workplace hazard today, ergonomic injuries can be avoided if you establish an effective ergonomics program and promote awareness throughout your company. On the home front, remember good health means more freedom and energy to play, not to mention less visits to the doctor!

  Improve Quality Of Life

The bottom line is if you feel better, you'll be more motivated to do the things you enjoy in life. By avoiding awkward postures and motions that trigger ergonomic-related injuries -- often referred to as Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs) -- you will feel mentally and physically energized to perform your daily work and recreational activities. If you're working too hard and feel like you're in a rut, take a mental health day and plan activities you love to do ... it is sure to give your spirits a lift. It's much more refreshing than taking the day off when you're really sick and must spend the day in bed.

  Reduce Absenteeism

OSHA reports that CTDs account for more "lost time injuries" than any other single cause. To combat employee absenteeism and lost productivity related to workplace injuries, maintain a successful ergonomics program. Not only will your employees feel better, but you'll also have less no-shows.

  Lower Employee Turnover

Whether in the office or in manufacturing, training new people is taxing and can be added stress for everyone involved ... from employees filling in to those hiring and training. Proactive steps toward an effective program will help avoid injuries and keep turnover rates down. It will also decrease the time you spend training new employees and working overtime to do another person's job.

  Reduce Workers' Compensation Claims

There has been a 600 percent decrease in claim costs from local customers who attribute improvement to a successful ergonomics program. Numerous published statistics have shown ergonomic-related injuries to be the most manageable in terms of reducing frequency and severity of workers' compensation claims.

  Increase Productivity

Reducing the effort to perform a task equals an increase in productivity giving you more time to focus on yourself and your personal life. The equation is easy: a healthy body equals more freedom, more energy and more time to play!

  Boost Morale

With a visible and active ergonomics program, your employees will be more positive when they feel your concern for them. By implementing a strong ergonomics program and providing employees with personal attention to improve their comfort levels and ease of work, you can expect great improvements in employee morale. A proper ergonomic setup provides you with peace of mind, less stress and allows your body to relax and mind to focus

  More Energy At The End Of The Day

Reducing fatigue from activities means more energy at the end of the day. Whether you're cleaning, cooking, gardening, watching TV, playing on your home computer or knitting, take note of how long you sit or bend in an awkward position before you take a break. How you take care of yourself now plays an important role in keeping focused and energized throughout life. And while a properly fitted chair allows an employee who sits throughout the workday to feel significantly less fatigue, remember, ergonomics impacts every part of your body with whatever you're doing. So practice a little ergonomics ... it goes a long way.

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