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Back Belt

  My Aching Back

Some of you know the true meaning of the expression "my aching back" firsthand. For those of us who spend much of the day lifting and bending, combating back pain is an ongoing battle. While most injuries occur in the lower region of the back, one way to win the war against backaches and associated ailments caused by lifting is to use a back support belt.


Workers who wear back supports can reduce the number of low-back injuries by about one-third, according to the largest-ever study of back supports. Researchers from the UCLA School of Public Health studied the workplace injury history of 36,000 workers of The Home Depot over a six-year period and found that low-back injuries fell by about one-third after the company imposed a consistent policy on back support use.

  Proper Body Mechanics

A back belt encourages proper body mechanics and serves as a reminder to keep your back properly supported. Select an orthopedic shape that molds perfectly to the lower lumbar region of the spine to help keep you comfortable and safe. If your back belt has suspenders, make sure they have an easy release as an extra safety precaution.


  Knee Brace

To reduce strain when lifting, use knee braces to keep your patella (knee caps) in the correct position and your legs properly supported. A knee brace warms the muscles and keeps circulation healthy.

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