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Tension Relief


When you're feeling stressed or uncomfortable, make some moves! If you're performing a task repetitively -- whether it's gardening, shoveling, chopping food, holding tools, stapling -- notice how much tension is in your body when performing the task. To provide relief, alternate tasks frequently and breathe ... slowly you'll release tension from your hands, neck and body. You'll be surprised at how much better you'll feel by doing simple tension relievers every so often throughout the day!

  Health Tips

Change your posture to reduce stress and fatigue and increase circulation.


Adjust your chair at least three different comfortable ways and use the following positions throughout the day: A reclined position for telephone calls, a level seat position for meetings and a forward tilt position for key boarding.


Plan your day so you change tasks often; it will help refresh you and reduce that "end of the day fatigue" feeling. Great lower back relief!


Raise height of chair 1/2" to 1" when your seat is in a forward tilt position (generally 5 degrees). Avoid leaning with full body weight on one chair arm (this puts too much pressure on nerves, neck and shoulders).


Take breaks, walk to get water, coffee or to use a printer, or step outside and breathe fresh air!

  Improve Circulation And Relieve Tension With These Simple Stretching Exercises Throughout The Day.



While sitting, reach up to extend arms fully and clasp hands Stretch, then release hands so they are facing forward. Relax your shoulders and lower your arms. Reach up again and repeat exercise 5 times.



Hands up to shoulders and squeeze shoulder blades together. Relax. Hold for count of 3. Repeat 5 times.



Lower your neck, round your body forward and lace your fingers behind your neck. Slowly rotate your elbows toward your back, relax your elbows moving them toward the front of your body. Repeat five times


Did You Know...

... breathing helps relieve tension? Sit up straight in your chair, feet flat on the floor, breath slowly and deeply, inhaling and exhaling. Focus the breath to areas where you feel stress or discomfort. It's a simple exercise with amazing effects. It increases circulation, provides stressed muscles with fresh oxygen, improves posture and best of all, can greatly reduce tension.

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