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Hand Wrist


Strain to your hands and wrists can often be caused by improperly supporting them when using a keyboard and mouse or when performing repetitive motions. Keep your hands and wrists comfortable by making a few adjustments to your workstation or to your lifestyle.

  Health Tips

  Stretch Your Hands And Wrists

Your hands and wrists need relief, too, especially when they perform continual repetitive motions. Remember, even the simplest exercises for every body part can help relieve tension and stress.



With your hands held in front of you, gently rotate your wrists so that the fingertips make circles in the air. Repeat up to five times then change directions.

Put both hands in front of you extending your fingers slightly. Flex your wrists by pushing your hands downward and upward 5 times.



Put hands in front of you, clench both fists and hold five seconds. Then spread fingers as far as you can and hold three seconds. Repeat five times.

Use your thumb to massage the palm of your other hand. Repeat with each hand.



With one hand, take the thumb of the other hand and pull it toward you for a count of five. Keep your fingers spread. Repeat with the other thumb.

Take one hand and pull the fingers back. Do this hand flex with each hand several times.


Did You Know...

... increasing the speed on your mouse relieves hand and wrist tension? Set your mouse to a faster speed so minimum movement is required. Programming the mouse is done with an existing software driver usually located in the control panels.

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