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Anti stress


Can you imagine if someone was tapping on your shoulder every second of every day while you're trying to work? It would frazzle you, hinder your ability to focus and cause stress. "Tapping" comes in many shapes and sizes as it can be a co-worker who constantly chatters nearby, buzzing office equipment or simply the way your office is arranged (without privacy). Take a few moments to evaluate your workspace so you can create a soothing, non-distracting environment that promotes concentration and productivity.


The office (and home) is chock-full of noise distractions. Let's face it, completing a mentally intensive task is a challenge if the kids are screaming or the fax machine is constantly ringing. One way to close the door on chaos is to mask the noise with a soothing and calming waterfall. The sound of running water is known to calm the nerves and increase one's ability to focus. The result? Better concentration and higher productivity levels with maybe some extra time to ...relax! As a bonus it adds extra humidity into the atmosphere increasing comfort to the environment.

  Noise Dampening

You're under deadline, trying to concentrate and attempting to be productive, but your coworkers are chattering nearby about next weekend's plans. How can you tune them out so you can tune into your work? Noise in the workplace is a common occurrence, but more importantly it's distracting. It prevents you from focusing, thus decreases your ability to concentrate and be productive. Short of adding 10-foot walls, create a peaceful, quiet environment free of distractions by adding soothing background sound, such as a waterfall or white noise, to make intruding speech and sounds disappear and your task gets the concentration it needs.

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