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Smart Gel Mouse Kare

$43.00 $26.00
Beyond the keyboard -- complete Gel wrist rest protection
Your keyboard isn't the only place needing wrist support. Designers, publishers, and web developers use a mouse all day. 10-key users are crazy punching numbers during tax and budget time and daily billing. Dialing addicts punch phone numbers all day. Our Smart Gel Wrist Rest support works specifically with these devices, putting your wrist in a comfortable, non-straining, neutral position. SmartGel, an advanced solution, moves out of the way of bones while firmly supporting tissue. A dual temperature design lets you turn the cloth side up for warmth, or turn the vinyl side up for cool. For office warriors, it completes your ergonomic protection, beyond the keyboard. The Kare Smart Gel Wrist Rest for the mouse is one of the most advanced gels available.
Product Features
    • Dual cover of cloth and vinyl produce both cool and warm temperatures
    • Puncture resistant
    • Anti-bacterial
    • Environmentally safe materials
    • Wide pad rest surface enhances comfort
    • Pad positions wrist in medically-recommended neutral position
    • Dimensions 8 w x 2.75 d x .75 h
Available Options:
3/4 Standard
1/2 Low Profile
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Model: 96GEL
Price: $36.00 $22.00
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