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Knee Roll

$98.00 $70.00
Give your legs a lift and give your back comfortable relief
No matter what you do during the day, you'll love the lower back relief of this pillow. Just slip our Knee Roll under your knees to elevate your legs. You'll feel refreshed as your circulation increases and your tired legs and back muscles are eased. Health professionals use it for therapeutic positioning, moms use it (soft density) as a developmental tool for babies and fitness enthusiasts use it as an exercise tool. It's also a terrific pressure-relieving tool for people who sleep on their backs (the ideal position). It can even train you to sleep in that ideal position! Our Knee Rolls come in different sizes to suit different uses and different body sizes.
Product Features
    • Reduces lower back pressure
    • Trains you to sleep on your back, the ideal sleeping position
    • UPS shipping is figured with dimensional weight not actual weight
Available Options:
Knee Roll size:
7 dia x 20, Firm
7 dia x 25, Firm
7 dia x 25, Soft
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