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Ergonomic Cushions - Pillows and Sleeping Accessories

Ergonomic Cushions -  Pillows and Sleeping Accessories

Do you get grumpy sitting in those awful plastic meeting chairs or a poorly designed car seat during a long commute? Whether you have a crick in your neck, a pang in your back, or an acute health condition, sometimes you feel like you might never be comfortable again! Research shows that long periods behind the wheel can lead to back pain and greater risk for low back issues overall.

Thankfully, a little support can go a long way! Kare Products selection of ergonomic cushions and pillows can give you the support you need to find comfort and support at home, in the office, or on the road!

Ergonomic pillows are the product that launched our company, and have always been a Kare Products specialty. Weve spent years perfecting the design and materials for all our cushions and pillows, choosing the right density of foam, washable natural fabrics, and shapes that cradle and support precisely where you need it. Looking for that perfect fit? Were here to help, call us!

Whether its getting comfortable in your car seat, that old lazy boy chair, or sleeping on a soft sofa, a lack of proper support while you sleep or relax can lead to neck and back aches.

Kare Products cushions and pillows provide pressure relief, energy and comfort safely and naturally.

Kare Products pregnancy pillows are a favorite with moms-to-be! Weve made sure they are thoughtfully designed to increase circulation and support healthy neutral postures.

Need a 5-minute treat for your neck? Ourergonomic neck pillows will help your neck muscles to relax and unwind.

Many car seat designs force rounded back posture. Kare Products seat cushions and wedges can help you out of the back slope of the seat, allowing the sitz bones and tailbone to be level, while aligning the spine. The secret is the angle of the wedge and a firm, supportive foam that will accommodate the thighs and raise the tailbone to be level with the hips when seated.

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