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Cervical Traction Fulcrum

67.00 54.00
Complete relief and benefits with the Cervical Traction tool
The Cervical Traction Fulcrum helps relieve compression effects due to muscular spasms or other factors and reduces inflammation response. Used primarily for clinical use, the Cervical Traction Fulcrum improves muscle tone, restores elasticity and resiliency, and increases vascular and lymphatic flow. Meant as a 5-minute session. Ask your health provider for specific uses for your therapeutic body needs. The Fulcrum Traction unit helps my paitents progress in their healing process. I refer to it as our pro-active participant participation tool. Dr. Kurt
Product Features
    • Unique design helps reduce discomfort
    • Offers safe passive traction, neutral positioning and alignment for limited use
    • Improves muscle tone and restores elasticity and resiliency
    • Reduces inflammation response
    • Increases the vascular and lymphatic flow
    • Relieves muscular pain by creating "physiological rest"
    • Relieves compression effects due to muscular spasm or other compression factors
    • Frees up adhesions within the dural sleeve, the nerve root and the adjacent capsular structures
    • Primarily used by medical field, DC's, PT's or experienced users
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Model: 80
Price: 67.00 54.00
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