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Bed Wedge 7 Inch

93.00 74.00
Find Extra Support With Popular Bed Wedges
Kare's Bed Wedges are a popular addition to any comfortable bed. The Wedges are used to elevate the upper body or legs in a sitting or prone position. They are especially helpful in treating hiatal hernias. There are many sleeping issues that find improvement when you can prop yourself up, like neck, back, hip discomfort. Bed Wedges help relieve pressure, increase support and elevate you into a more comfortable posture. When reading in bed or to elevate your upper body while sleeping, there is no better support than the Kare Bed Wedge. Most popular size the 10" model 86.
Product Features
    • Excellent for extended bed rest positioning
    • Good for reading in bed
    • Aids sinus conditions and allergies by elevated upright body position
    • Place raised wedge under knees when lying on back to ease tired legs and increase circulation
    • Comes with a cotton/polyester blue cloud fabric
    • Increase circulation and breathing
    • Firm supportive medical grade foam
    • Recommended by Health Care Providers
Available Options:
Bed Wedge Size:
24" x 24" x 7"h
24" x 24" x 12"h
24" x 24" x 10"h
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Model: 85
Price: 103.00 82.00
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