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Air Filter (22 x 24)

322.00 258.00
Stay inside and get a breath of fresh air
You are what you breathe. Clean up stale, dirty office air and create a better breathing environment with our Office Air Filter. It quietly filters air through the advanced 3M patented system. Dust, smoke, odor and pollen (as small as .01 microns) go in and clean, refreshing air comes out - alleviating allergies and eliminating odor and pollution. Unlike some HEPA filters, this filter has no fiberglass, which can shed into the air. It also doesn't support fungus. Its advanced ionizer is very efficient, needs no period maintenance and produces no ozone (to which some people are allergic). Ideal for offices under 160 sq. ft., this is the way to better, cleaner breathing and much less sneezing.Larger unit is available for medium/large offices up to 240 sq. ft.
Product Features
    • Four-stage cleaning process with 3M patented filter
    • Removes dust, smoke and pollen and traps particles down to 0.01 microns
    • Ultra efficient ionizer requires no periodic maintenance, emits no ozone
    • Dust reduction protects computer and electronic equipment
    • Super quiet unit with sound absorption
    • Filter lasts 3 months of continuous use, replacements available
    • Easy to use and easy to change filters
    • Two speed fan, two-level ionizer* For individual or small work areas up to 20' x 33' x 8', filters over 3 air exchanges/hour. * CFM (cubic feet per minute) = 85 * Power Consumption = 48 watts
Available Options:
Office size Air Filter:
Small Office
Replacement Filter (Single Pack):
for small filter (pkg of 1)
for larger filter (pkg of 1)
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Air Filter Specifications
Model: OAC100
Price: 322.00 258.00
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